Japanese courses

10-month modules :

from September 2023 to June 2024

Group courses

ONE evening a week from 6.45pm to 9.30pm

Every THURSDAY evening (excluding school vacations)

1st class: Thursday 7 September

At what price?


for a 120-period module (10 months)

 Reduced price: €50.  For whom?


Opt for a quality Japanese course, given by a native Japanese speaker, aimed at beginners. Teaching method adapted to Europeans. Official certification of Japanese as a foreign language. Course materials specially designed to help you acquire the basics of written and spoken Japanese. Japanese at Iaps means solid, dynamic learning based on Marugoto‘s tried and tested methods.

Japanese A1 - course description

This Japanese course is based on the Marugoto textbook, which focuses on communicative activities:

  • Be able to introduce yourself and your family, talk about your home, hobbies and habits, invite people to events, go shopping and travel.
  • You will also learn the basic sentence patterns on these themes
  • Study of phonetic characters (hiragana and katakana) and 65 introductory kanji.

Method: group lessons. Learning with the teacher and mutual learning between students, which boosts motivation.


Japanese teacher

Mari is qualified to teach Japanese to foreigners after graduating from university with a degree in social sciences (Japanese economics). She holds a certificate in Japanese Language Instructor Qualification Course and the Certificate of Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test. She has been teaching Japanese in Brussels since 2009.